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How We Started

Since founding in 2005, TYPros aimed to provide Tulsa’s young entrepreneurs with the support of a resource-rich, low-cost incubator program. Hoping to attract and retain innovative young talent, The Forge was created to provide a springboard for their ideas. In 2009, after hundreds of man hours, the first generation of the Forge was open for business.

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The Forge Today

After spending nearly two years in temporary locations, The Forge finally found it’s home at Third & Cheyenne. Since launching, the program has graduated numerous tenants and is consistently occupied at capacity. The economic impact of the program has surpassed expectations and is now considered the community’s entrepreneurial hub.

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Into The Future

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy, making up 80 percent of all businesses in Tulsa county, providing a gauge our city’s vitality. Tulsa’s entrepreneurial community is not only growing but, thriving. As the demand for support programs increases, The Forge will continue to grow, expand and meet the need of Tulsa’s growing creative class.


Expert Advice – Do Startups Really Need Insurance?

  • Posted by admin
  • 01/27/2015

We’ve all had to buy insurance at some time or another, and you might have come away from the experience feeling more confused than when you started, or that you just wasted time. And as a start-up, you’re probably thinking you can wait to deal with insurance. We’d like to help you understand how insurance can […]

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Up To Speed: 2015 Tax Reporting Timetable

  • Posted by admin
  • 01/08/2015

  I know you are focused on other things – raising funds, product design and development, marketing and business development. While you focus on the things that will mean success for the future don’t forget the year-end annual reporting needs and requirements for the IRS the Oklahoma Tax Commission. A quick calendar of important dates […]

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Tenant News: IDEFI Launches New Music Opportunity.

  • Posted by admin
  • 09/24/2014

After years in the making, launched Tuesday, Sept. 23, giving artists access to unprecedented opportunities with the help of their fans. “We have a great team who has worked hard to put everything together, we are eager to get out there and see what this technology can do,” idefi founder and CEO Brady Deaton […]

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